by Uschi Lou


One of my favorite outfits, only because its consisting pieces are some or my favorites! I need to get better at actually taking outfit pictures. I have to admit, I am a rather lazy person. Yep, so there. Admission admitted. But, I do put an effort into getting dresses simply because I love getting dressed! Maybe that’s why I spend so much time actually getting dressed…changing, throwing clothes everywhere, rushing to the mirror. But what’s really funny is that no matter how much time I put into an outfit, my favorites are the ones (like this one) that come together at the last minute with the least amount of thought! Isn’t that the way of things! So, the lesson here is trust your gut? I know it’s taken me this long to learn to trust mine.

shag vest//made by me
faux fur jacket//TJ Maxx
red and black kimono//thrifted
super flare jeans//Ross
sheer gray t//thrifted
boots//Harley Davidson via Ebay