by Uschi Lou


So, I feel pretty blessed. Even though it’s a material blessing the act itself was incredibly spontaneous and kind. I met a woman at work yesterday (I work at a co-op, or natural foods store in the Deli) and we got to talking because she noticed my hair. She explained that she is super natural with everything she puts in and on her body–making her own products and everything. So even though Manic Panic is a vegatable dye, the mild chemicals in it still irritate her body. Sooooo she was giving away the dye she had left. She said she’d come back in with a couple for me from her car but she came back with a big bag of seven dyes instead ALL FOR ME! She gave me seven bottles of manic panic, retailing from $10-15 a bottle depending on where you bye them. All for me, all FOR FREE! I mean, how lucky can I get? I can’t afford to experiment with colors because I can’t afford to. But she gave me seven bottles! One was a bottle of atomic turquoise which I’ve really been wanting to try. So yeah. That’s my awesome amazing story of the amazingly beautiful woman (inside and out) that so graciously gave me 7 bottles of dye. So happy :):):)