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Month: April, 2014



Ahhhhh. Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a magical fairy creature doing magical fairy creature things. A crown of light and stars, so celestial, floats around my third eye. My hair is bright and soft but flies with the passing of the wind through ny wings, which beat as quickly as a hummingbird and can barley be seen.

<>THRIFTED//boho glam hippie chich DRESSES GALORE<>

Long title, I know 🙂 but watch watch watch my latest video on YouTube! Sorry I can’t post videos here, that would make it so much easier!  But thank you for supporting me and going the extra click anyway!!! Lovezzzzzz and kissesssssss XOXOXOXO
THRIFTED//boho glam hippie chich DRESSES GALORE!:




Oh oh oh we moan because life goes by. Look with more than your eyes but don’t disguise yourself to much. Touch people’s thoughts but stay the same. The same but change. Nothing can make you happy but you can try. Love is the closest thing I’ve come by. Train him and strain him and test him and suggest to him what you really want. If he can treat you like his queen, more beautiful than you’ve ever felt you’ve been, then keep him only then. Stare deeply into yourself and acknowledge who you are. No one can take that away. Let it strengthen your soul so much so that you can walk with confidence, again and again and again and again….


<>OOTD | cold wind deep water<>

AAAAAHHHHHH!!! This always makes me so excited :):):):):) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING AND SUPPORTING ME!! I love you!! BTW this video is only 2min long w awesome music so take a sec to check it out! OOTD | cold wind deep water:




Take me there, where the wind blows cold and the water runs deep, where the mountains stand high and the trees grow green, where the wildflowers bloom and the eagles swoop slow. There’s no other place this sweet soul knows.

ANKLE BOOTS//Harley Davidson, eBay
JEWELRY AND BELT//thrifted, gifted

I’ll be posting more pictures from this day later, I just wanted to get it up. <3<3<3 you all!




Life is an illusion, we can’t trust our eyes. It’s all down to science, surmizing the prize of the atom. So long ago, we figured it all out and now we can do nothing but shout. Empty thoughts, empty words, we dont know where we stand. We don’t have all of the facts, they slip through our hands. But with a quick jaunt, you can have what you please, the world wide web is here to appease. Please please think of yourself, education is a powerful card to be held. Knowledge and wisdom and kindness are one, but misery, depression and melancholy will come. The universe takes its time with us down on earth, don’t waste what is given, don’t waste what is yours.



Let your mind wander down the rabbit hole, there are still many things to know. Our universe expands, or contracts. One day we’ll all collapse. Space seems so cold and empty and far but it cocoons all inside its grid of time. Winding around every spherical planet, warped with the weight of a super star’s mass. Even though the light from the star is coming now only after its death, we can still admire the glow. Rapidly spinning, thoughts are ripped away and only nothingness remains. Let your mind wander down the rabbit whole and regain your sanity.

Initial moon spiral art by ©penabranca

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