<>Watch “OOTD//twirling and swirling in blue” on YouTube<>

by Uschi Lou

OOTD//twirling and swirling in blue: http://youtu.be/YHjhOKlYo5w


YAYAYAYAY! Finally posting something. Ugh. Life has been down right crazy and it’s not gonna stop until…well for a while. I’m moving this month, supposed to be out by the 31st but can’t move into our other place until June 1st dear Lord, that’s one night w no where to go! I’m enduring finals week and the final weeks of school, which are intense as hell! So many papers and writing assignments and I still need to read two novels! How can a teacher assign a whole novel in the last week? On top of all that, I work close to full time which makes school work next to impossible AND my sister is visiting the last week of May with her husband and niece! Sigh. So ya. I’m SOOOO SORRY about being absent! I love you all and appreciate your time! So take a gander at this video to get a little if me right now! XOXOXO