by Uschi Lou



*Sigh* the weather is finally turning warm! Well slightly warmer that is. But I’ll take it! I took a walk with ny husband today, our daily walk, and I wore a sweatshirt and sandals! Oh yeah! I can only dream of those hot summer days when the air feels like it’s pressing itself against you and the sun is trying to get under your skin. Your sweat clings moist and wet on every pore, glistening in the brightness that is SUMMER!!! Ugh. Can you tell I’m excited? I’m sorry I’ve been awol, I’m in the process of 1. Moving, 2. Finals week/final assignments, 3. Working, and 4. My sister and her baby and husband are visiting! I’m about to explode hahaha. But I luvvvv uuuuu!<3<3<3<3<3XOXOXO