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Tag: daisy


A little outfit of the day but really outfit of the ‘frolicking in a field during a thunderstorm with my love.’ This moment became an instant memory because I know I will be thinking of it long into winter. That is what I love about documenting my life in videos for youtube. When I am editing and rewatching them, they feel like a memory and I remember the feeling I was having that day, spending time with the person I love and just enjoying time in a beautiful place. If you don’t do anything else this summer beside life, go out and have a little walk in the park, in nature, enjoy some greenness and flora and a sunset and sunrise. It is so so worth it 🙂


What is better than bright green grass, sprouting with a rainbow of little baby wildflowers so slight that they blend in with the sagebrush, vibrant blue sky brushed with puffy white clouds and the person you love on a warm summer day? I wanted to live in this video for the rest of my life. Hello summer! I missed you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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