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<>THRIFTED//boho glam hippie chich DRESSES GALORE<>

Long title, I know 🙂 but watch watch watch my latest video on YouTube! Sorry I can’t post videos here, that would make it so much easier!  But thank you for supporting me and going the extra click anyway!!! Lovezzzzzz and kissesssssss XOXOXOXO
THRIFTED//boho glam hippie chich DRESSES GALORE!:




This was last spring. Hard to believe its almost been a year since this was taken (I guess that’s an exaggeration because we’re still months away from spring here). I posted this on today as my first ever post! So if you’re on lookbook or fancy perusing it as I do, then check me out and hype me up! Find me at Uschi O. Thanks to all of my amazing followers and visitors!

gray shag jacket//nasty gal (old)
velvet mini dress//thrifted
sheer black tights//thrifted (about 99 cents!)
knee high socks//urban outfitters
black corduroy backpack//thrifted, Jansport
pink glitter cat eye sunglasses//TJ Maxx, Nine West


Found this adorable little 90s dress at the thrift store, among other things. Found what I was really looking for, news boy style cap! I don’t have a good pick of that, but hopefully I’ll remember to take some outfit pics one of these days. I love finding a few good pieces once in a while to satisfy my inescapable need to amass stuff. I have gotten a million times better about that. Although it’s mostly due to the mountain of clothes I’ve amassed which forces me to evaluate every potential purchase. I guess it’s all part of being extremely poor, lol. I find the most happiness in subtleties.