sabrina au fait



I came across this picture, I don’t even remember where, but I immediately saved. One day I hope to actually construct this chieftain head dress. I think the coolest thing would be to use unorthodox feathers and materials to turn wearing this from culture appropriation into creative expression. Now, i just have to get off my ass!


Le sigh. This gorgeous ‘dream coat,’ the likes of which I have been obsessed with since around age 16, is 150 bucks at the thrift store. Since when did thrift stores become couture?? I cannot justify this price, no matter how amazing this coat is. Le sigh…I guess it will live forever as my ‘dream coat.’


Created a dreamy pic to stare at and let my imagination go. When I look at this pic, I imagine a warm breeze softly stirring, gently rustling a ringing metal wind chime. There is a magical shimmer bouncing off of the water and dancing on the air. The sun is somewhere between afternoon and sunset, […]


Found this adorable little 90s dress at the thrift store, among other things. Found what I was really looking for, news boy style cap! I don’t have a good pick of that, but hopefully I’ll remember to take some outfit pics one of these days. I love finding a few good pieces once in a while to satisfy my inescapable need to amass stuff. I have gotten a million times better about that. Although it’s mostly due to the mountain of clothes I’ve amassed which forces me to evaluate every potential purchase. I guess it’s all part of being extremely poor, lol. I find the most happiness in subtleties.

Finals. Anyone in the throes of student life if in the midst of finals. Unless you’ve completed this week, or two, of hell. If so, congratulations, I am envious. Oh boy, do I want to be meditating in this cave in the hot, hot dessert. Clearing my mind, searching my soul, opening my third eye. I guess I have to study? Two finals tomorrow…yeah, I guess so.



This is the beginning. Venturing into the future, my future and hopefully a bright, fun future. I have no clue what I’m doing. But life is about experimenting. I’m all for experimenting. So, if you are to, and you want to look at some pretty (and maybe not so pretty) pictures and possibly hear some stores…maybe this is the place? Yeah!