sabrina au fait


Ahhhhhhh (that’s a sigh of relaxation, not a scream) SUMMER TIME BABY!!! To bad I’ve been working everyday this week an it’s finally sunny! Oh well, I’m an adult, what can I expect right? Take a peek-a-boo at my new video peepsies! Love youuuuuuuuuuuu<33333333333


What is better than bright green grass, sprouting with a rainbow of little baby wildflowers so slight that they blend in with the sagebrush, vibrant blue sky brushed with puffy white clouds and the person you love on a warm summer day? I wanted to live in this video for the rest of my life. Hello summer! I missed you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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HOLA HOLA HAPPY HAPPY DARLINGS! I am just ecstatic. I get like this every time I post a video, that’s how much fun it is! Despite the fact that I am literally hungry, I am almost out of cat food and I have exactly one dollar and some change to my name, life is pretty good. I am hustling like a #girlboss right now to make my life happen. I just need to get through the next two months before Uni starts in the fall. I LOVE YOU thank you SO MUCH my lovelies!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO


I usually stay up all night. Which is perfect for me because I get to see the sunrise at dawn every morning. Music is a key ingredient in making this magical hour that much more surreal and serene. This playlist puts me in a dreamy mood, makes me feel like floating around in some flowing vintage slip, a flower crown and dark eye shadow. When I start to exhaust myself from spinning around my home, I collapse on the living room floor with my journal, ‘special’ pen, and box of color (see last post). It’s really the best way to start my day, or get ready for a nap.


I have always been obsessed with babetress Natasha Khan, the amazingly angelic and creative singer behind Bat For lashes. Since finishing finals week and diving head first into my couch, I’ve been slowly reemerging from my school induced coma. Getting back into the auditory-orgasm inducing sounds of Bat for Lashes is so inspiring. I love music that changes me a bit, making me feel simultaneously uncomfortable and mentally aroused. You know what I mean? I probably sound like a freak. But, good music can permeate the gelatinous bubble I float around in and actually make me feel something.